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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 9, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. more than half the nation is under a deep free with de-icing planes the order of business at dozens of airports. 1,700 flights have been canceled this morning. the winter weather makes driving just as dangerous. it took crews until this morning to clear this pile up in yonkers, new york, involving 27 vehicles. >> at home, the sun is shining. look at this, we just cannot seem to snap out of the cold
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snap. here is a look of the city that set a chilly record low in the south bay. guess which one? good morning, thanks for joining us. >> we will tell you which one coming up, but, we have coverage of the big chill here and across the country. our meteorologist, mike nicco, will have that story ahead. and we are covering the snowball effect the cold is having but we will start with matt at sfo. we are seeing delays, matt, is that right? >> yes, delays and cancellations. more than 1,700 flights have been canceled across the nation and that number has been rising all morning long. we just checked our local airports. we have 14 departures and 18 arriving flights that have been canceled so for this morning. most of those at sfo. bad weather across the country is keeping people grounded here in the bay area. >> they say everything is bigger in texas and today that includes flight delays and cancellations.
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dallas is responsible for half of today's canceled flights stranding thousands of people at airports across the nation including here in the bay area. >> the airline is good about rebooking for free and what not but it is a bummer that i'm a full day late. >> all other flights were canceled. >> are you feeling lucky you are getting out? >> yes, i didn't think i would get out until tomorrow. >> ice crippled travel in dallas if s days. ice is not only on the ground but falling from above. at dallas-ft. worth international airport, thousands of flights were canceled over the weekend. check out what passengers were seeing outside their windows at o'hare in chicago: snow on the ground as parts of the midwest and east coast got hit with storms. one family was supposed to fly out of san francisco at 6:50 but their delay created an opportunity. 3:30 so now we can go to alcatraz. >> the delays had some people sleeping in very uncomfortable
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positions throughout sfo and avoiding dallas can headache -- make for creative trip home. >> bunked out on the hard couples and had to sleep here. just toughed it out. >> what is the plan today? >> today i am supposed to lebanon at 6:35 to l.a.x. and then i am stalk -- stuck at l.a.x. until 11:30 tonight. and then home. >> delays are popping up on the flight board. the best advise today is to make sure you call your airline before you head for the airport. >> thanks, matt. delays just keep popping up on the flight board at sfo. matt said the best advise is to check with the airline. many canceled nights are commuter or colleague that will flights but american is by far the hardest hit with 557
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canceled flights this morning. united is next with 84 cancellations. followed by southwest with 13 and tell that has seven cancellations. >> if you are staying home the coiled with create problems from black ice on the freeway to frozen pipes, repair crews are busy. our reporter is in lafayette with that part of the story. amy? >> it has been freezing this morning. that means some people have been very busy and others have seen their business come to a standstill. everyone is having to be careful. >> on our way to cover the story of black ice we hit a patch ourselves. watch as our van loses traction loses traction. c.h.p. put out an alert for ice on highway 24 in both directions. you have to watch where you step, too, with some slick spot in pleasant hill. people are bundled up, shivering and shaying their heads. >> the length of time we had the cold weather was unbelievable.
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i have never seen anything like it in all my years. i was born and raised here the. >> in walnut creek the car wash is closed. usually it opened at 8:00 a.m. >> the car wash is closed. the pipes are frozen. those guys are sitting at home. >> they have a dip in customs needing maintenance on the cars. >> when it is freezing like this people don't want to get out of the house. we are in a retirement community with retirees down the street. you don't see them out until 12:00. >> frozen pipe mean plums are busy. bob says that he is racing from customer to customer. >> the pipes, being they are freezing, they expand and burst. it is not cold enough to discourage the musician whose practice each morning, outside, in walnut creek. everyone keeps showing up, even though the weather has been rough on their fingers. >> they are breaking open. this is what they are doing.
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they are a little numb the past two weeks. it has been cold. it is important to cover the pipes even if you just use a towel, wrap them up. it is a tough time for plants and types, with almost everyone for the cold snap to be over. >> thank you, 55 people filled every bed overnight in an emergency homeless shelter at the napa county fairgrounds. frigid temperatures are deadly for those sleeping outside. the coroner is trying to determine if cold weather killed a man found dead in dublin. so for, four deaths in santa clara county are being blamed on cold weather during the past two weeks. >> our meteorologist has more on the cold including a record. >> specifically, in san jose dropping down to 25, beating the
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old mark of 26 in 1972, 41 years ago. 32 in livermore, 33 in concord and a breeze in the east bay so temperatures were not is cold. the winds in concord are around 20 or 25 miles per hour. it will be brisk today. 19 in santa rosa and napa and novato and 37 in san francisco, and 30 in oakland and cupertino is 26 and we dropped to freezing at half moon bay at 32 and everyone but san francisco, freeze warning 10:00 tonight through 9:00 tomorrow morning and lake county, you have a hard freeze with temperatures around 21 to 27 degrees. there is a reminder watching trend in the forecast coming up. kristen? >> stay on top of the cold weather with our weather app with severe weather alerts and track live doppler 7 hd. download it free at >> president obama and the first
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lady are on the way to south africa to pay their respects to nelson mandela. now the latest on the other world leaders headed for johannesburg and a final tribute. >> the week long farewell to nelson mandela is underway in south africa. >> this is the spit of the people around the world and here in south africa in the streets and townships and suburbs, people are united, holding hands, helping each other. >> president obama and first lady departed washington if south africa joined by george w. bush and his wife laura, and former secretary of state, hick. tomorrow's event is held in the soccer stadium where mandela made the last public appearance at the world cup closing ceremony in 2010. the world literally is coming to south africa. 91 heads of state and government, ten former heads of state, and dozens of other
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v.i.p.'s will join 90,000 regular south africans eager to pay were ares to the man who healed a nation and changed history. security will be tight. flight restrictions and thousands of police officers will be on duty at the stadium. crowds continue to gather outside his home. strangers hugged, swept up them motion. this woman brought her daughters and granddaughters so they could celebrate the man who brought down apartheid. >> we could have had a revolution. and here we are, now, living happily together, which is a miracle and it is all due to madiba. >> there will an memorial service at the national cathedral on wednesday but at president biden will be the one delivering remarks. >> in the bay areas you can send a message of condition dole ensure or support to the family of nelson mandela, a book was set up at san francisco city hall if people to sign this morning, you can also sign memorial books at sky lawn memorial park in san mateo and
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the chapel of the chimes locations in oakland and hayward. the books are available from 10:00 in the morning until 5:00 p.m. daily until the end of the week and will be sent later to his family in south africa. >> new information in the crash of an airline in july. sources tell the associated press that investigators will highlight overreliance on congress pick computers and the need to adjust pilot training. investigators are expected to reveal the pilots misunderstood exactly how the boeing 777 automatic speed will control features function. three teen girls died in the crash. the ntsb hearings begin tomorrow and last two days. what the vatican and twerking have in common. >> games the government may have been playing with online gamer and how you can get in on the best seat of the house. really. best 49s player their last
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>> san francisco, not for sale. >> new in san francisco, dozens of proffers gathered to protest google's use of a city bus stop to shuttle employees from the city to maintain view. activists say the internet giant should not be able to use a city bus stop for free. they should the private bus a mock $1 billion ticket for using
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city bus stops 200 times in two years. protesters blame google for what they call the eviction crisis. >> six major silicon valley tech companies are calling on president obama and congress to curb the government surveillance program. among the companies asking the government to muzzle the n.s.a. programs including google and cupertino's apple, facebook, yahoo and twitter in san francisco. they are publishing open letters in several numbers today. documents leaked by nasa edward snowden revealed millions of documents were gathered without the owners' knowledge. >> other leaked documents include the n.s.a. of spying on online gamers. this shows a game united states and british intelligence officers watched. according to media outlets the spy aims are accused of sending
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undercover agents to virtual universes to look for potential informants. >> what is the n.s.a. secret surveillance program and twerking and the vatican have in common? >> finalists for "person of the career," for time. that includes the pope, and snow know and miley cyrus whose performance was one of the most talk about moments at the music awards for video. last year they selected president obama as "person of the year." what do you think of the nominees? we posted the question on facebook this morning and it sparked a lost comment. >> nelson mandela was not on the list and a lost opinions so we want to hear from you. mike nuclear has the forecast.
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>> it will be cold. no getting an it. fill be cold, again, and we will talk how long it will last in the forecast with the clear sky, sunshine is going to modify the air mass and i will show you how much warmer it will be. >> the iphone case that says it is good for your health. >> and ready to bat
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covering los altos, petaluma, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> recognize this man? the bail writer's association announced that retired manager
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has been unanimously elected to the half fame in cooperstown. he got the a's to a world title in 1989 and will be inducted if july. he is the founder of the animal rescue foundation in walnut creek. ourebis will still play, getting ready for spring try outs. now it is tough to play here. >> it is hard to be a parent watching from the stands. >> the hands thing when you make contact. >> this is how it looks in millbrae, cold enough to freeze some waters on sidewalks and a little on the streets so an area we had to contend with is black ice and highway 24 we had an issue with the high speeds you tend to drive on highway 24 so it is good that everything is
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thawed and some of it could refreeze. billings, montana, is another push of arctic air coming from edmonton pushing into the deep south where it is raining in atlanta to washington. we have snow to the not but the bum, the storm is over although we have the after effects the form of flight delays. here is how it looks at homes radar and satellite and the air is dry with not a cloud to be found. temperatures are running warmer right now from two to five degrees warmer than 24 hours ago and that looks good for the warming trend that will begin today. 40 in santa rosa, 41 in san carlos and concord is 42 and fairfield, and everyone else is in the mid to a few upper 40's like oakland at 47 and san ramon at 47. it is still chilly. that kept the temperatures up and it will put a chill in the air as we look from the east bay hills to san francisco. the temperature could be warmer
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today but in the resolution, it will feel cooler, and have a wind chill and don't talk about that much. sunny today and a "spare the air" day, and freezing cold for most areas again tote, and the slowly building warmth high temperatures throughout the seven-day forecast. we have gusts up to 25 miles per hour but there is a winter alaska, fairbanks with forced air quality in the not bay and all of us are banned from burning wood. it is hard to do that when it is this warm. my heater is set on 68 and running constantly. upper 40's to low 50's. six to ten degrees cooler-than-average and everyone is freezing but oakland and san francisco, mid-to-upper 30's. high pressure is over the ocean and that pushed the jet stream to the arctic and the high pressure everland is what will take over and bring us an offshore breeze and that will moderate the air mass. look at the slow warming trend
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on the seven-day forecast. a degree or two tomorrow, in the low-to-mid 50's on wednesday. we hold steady through friday. it will be dry for a while but it will be more manageable and when the daytime temperatures come up the lows come up, too. >> looking forward to that. >> if you are tired of wiping your hands to keep away the germs there are cell phone cases that claim to kill germs with a special coating on the case that she'ds against self for radiation, as well. the $70 case has been reviewed and the company don't offer laboratory tests to back up the
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claim. >> candlestick seats are now on sale coming only in pairs at a price of $749 for the two of them. season ticket holders were allowed to buy a month ago. the stick will be demolished before next season, and proceeds go to the rec and parks --. >> thes who earned most but didn't bring it at the box office. >> at 3:00 p.m., surviving an unthinkable childhood, a
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this list the most overpaid hollywood actors. adam sandler is 47, and three makes $15 million a film but southerns say he doesn't always bring in big bucks for studios. for example, "that's high boy" only made $13 million world wide. other actors would make that list for overpaid include kevin james and nicholas cage. >> from all of us, thanks for joining us.
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♪ >> hey! [cheers and applause] what's up, dog? what up, baby? how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> good, good. come on out here. [cheers and applause] yeah. hello and welcome to millionaire. you know, this september, we launched a new millionaire and friends mobile app, where we challenged you to play the game against me. well, today's first contestant won, so we invited her here and a chance to win some real cash. from nutley, new jersey, y'all give it up for yvonne olivari. what up? [cheers and applause] what's up, yvonne? how you doing? >> very good. how are you? >> good. so you went online. you just--you beat everybody.
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